5 Reasons Why Project Quality Should be a Piority

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If you are not new to project management you will always remember the 5 elements of Project Management. Planning, Implementation, Execution, Control and Closure. To successfully manage a project be it a product launch, event or software change, A project manager must be able to coordinate the project especially when it is on a large scale. I recently started the 5th Module of My MBA and having to learn again about project management especially 5 years after writing my professional exams gives me so much excitement.

I remembered working on a product launch when I interned at in marketing firm in Nigeria, all the elements of the project were carefully planned and segment market also identified. However, during the project execution, it occurred to us that during the place- segmentation identification process we left out important clues. The hair product sample  where to be distributed to women between the ages of 18- 50. Yes, the specific place we choose had a lot of people but not everyone was open to the idea of using ‘new product’.

What did we miss out? We could have chosen the salon, handed out the samples to key people who could influence the use of the product.

Project Planning

Image: The Project Planning Phase

Have you ever started out a project only to discover your whole project management team could not stop project creeps?  This is the part where before you start a project or sign that contract or proposal you MUST define your project scope, aims and objective.

For instance, the aim of my project blog is to deliver value while addressing practical challenge through personal experience. And this also includes the value for both myself, my readers, project management bodies and company. The objective is to create a balance between research base model and approach with practical project management experience.

Having defined the aims and objectives, it is time to work on timeline, budget and cost but before then there are assumptions that need to be trashed.

  1. 1. You must have the end in mind before you start i.e what would my project achieve at the end?

2. Are you on the same page with all your team member or management or you are flying solo?

  1. 3. Do you have enough resources to see the project through or you are ‘faithing’ your way through?
  2. Shortcuts won’t hurt anybody, No no !shortcuts have really never helped anyone.
  3. Being cheap helps to reduce cost.
  4. I read a quote once that said ‘Quality is remembered long, after price is forgotten.

Hopefully, you can take something away from this write up next time you are planning a project as a project manager or team member.