Why you should Never Stop Dreaming

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Every time I visit the Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. I am still always fascinated by the quote by Ferdinand Porsche the entrance of the Porsche Arena where the Porsche brand of cars can be found. You can read more about him Ferdinand Porsche I am not so much a big fan of cars, apart from the fascination and disruptive technology, Tesla is causing in the Automobile industry, by creating hybrid cars that run itself. powered by less energy (no petrol and diesel ) only electricity.

Back to Ferdinand quote, he was driven by a desire to bring about a change or a desire to birth something beyond his present reach. My point,  he created a niche for himself and became good or say excellent at what he did. Recently I was doing a recap of all the opportunities and environment I have been exposed to from construction to health and then consulting. Not to mention sales and event management. But hey! I would not want to be a jack of all trade and master of none.


Photo Credit: Officailtife

The picture above reminds me of those days I could not make out anything tangible out of my career, all I had was a burning passion to be good at what I did ! And today not only I have become a  project person, I have come to enjoy the learning process. The benefits of hard work, diligent and dedicated. Maybe someday I can interview Ferry Porsche himself so I can learn about how he built a brand that has stood the test of time. Additionally, share more light about the many years of struggle, bankruptcy, failure and finally success.

Finally, the years of struggle may not add up yet, but I as Steve Jobs said and I quote ‘……at the hindsight, all dots always connect.

May all the struggles of retrospect years of hard work connect with you in 2018!

Till then never stop dreaming.

Happy New year guys and God bless you!