My First Role as Project Cordinator

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I first exposure to project management was in 2007, I was on an internship with Stabilini Visinoni during the construction of the MMA2 (Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal 2). Shortly after I was poached by Andrian Rivera, The project manager for Zortek Systems International. I remember feeling so excited about the role. I learnt about time management the importance of quality control and inventory control. The most important stakeholders! yes, stakeholders, not only did we experience resistance with the client even other consultants work had major positive and negative influence on our project. I fact we had over 15 other consultants including James Cubit, Pivot engineering, Gilbert, Mikano. in fact, I remember few months into the project the Project Manager resigned, the pressure was enormous.


Picture: Zortek Systems 2006 MMA2 Projects 

After my University degree, I went to work for a consulting firm, I enjoyed the training management and organisation development projects. But I must confess in the course of my career I have always had a preference for the being part of the ‘Implementers’ nothing gives me joy than enjoying the planning phase and execution phase of a project. Although one cannot simply ignore the dark hour of the project. It takes a lot of patience to successfully see through a project.

Recently I was privileged to work with SORMAS in Nigeria (Surveillance Management Response and Management System) as project support. I must confess I don’t think I travelled any other year before now, between few weeks I travelled from Germany to Abuja, Abuja to Lagos, Lagos to Asab, to Calabar. The project was in its pilot phase and there was an urgent need to train the contact officers on how to use the application. Did I mention I was in Kano for another one week? While working on the project there were the ‘Yes let’s do this moment’ and the ‘Dark night of the soul. But eventually, morning came !


Photo: Office of the Lagos State Epidemiology

While I was in Kano, the issue of cultural difference and religious sensitivity came up. The hotel we used in particular I noticed had no female employees, yes they were all male from the security post to the kitchen help, to management. During that time the female members of our team were advised to wear only skirts and cover their hair not to offend the participants. Well, I have lived all my life in Lagos and in the are of Gender equality I don’t think such exist where I was.


Photo: Day 2 Pilot day in Kano 

Going forward, would I trade my Human Resource Career for Project Management. Well, these questions seem to be answering it self-day by day.  

In May I would be volunteering for the Project Management Institute In Berlin for about 6weeks. For now, Project Mangement have come to stay I would say.